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Wanna win a refund of your pocket wifi rental?

Each month, one of our customers will win the full refund of its order!   Share with us your best travel photos (showing the pocket wifi) with hashtag #hippocketwifi (on Instagram or Facebook) or send them to Terms and Conditions of the photo contest: 1- Organizer The present contest is organized by the company [...]

Top 7 cities to visit in Europe when you are broke

Not easy to travel in Europe on a budget: visits, accommodations and food could be expensive! Hopefully some destinations remain cheap... here is our TOP 7!   1. Sofia, Bulgaria The Bulgarian capital is the perfect destination if you want a total escape for a few days, without breaking the bank. The city centre of [...]

Top 10 cities to visit in Europe this fall

1. Seville, Spain Overly too warm in summer with its usual 40°C, Autumn is the best season to take full advantage of the city. The days are still long and sunny until November, and the temperature is perfect to have a drink and eat tapas outside enjoying the Spanish shaded squares. 2. Paris, France The [...]

Top 13 most instagrammed destinations in Europe

1. London It is said that you should visit the British capital at least once in your life. Intense and cosmopolitan, the city that’s also called the “European New York City” is full of unavoidable spots which make it the European city the most shared on Instagram. The most shared place in London is #BigBen. [...]

End of roaming in Europe? Not really…

From 15 June of 2017, due to a decade-long battle by Brussels and a European Union new regulation, the European telecom operators (finally) come to an end of roaming fees. You know, these huge extra charges for making calls, sending texts and using data when in a foreign country. However, regarding the Internet mobile data, [...]

How to get Wi-Fi in Paris?

Staying connected while traveling abroad is now an indispensable issue for all travellers, and the solution can be hard to find especially in Paris. Here are all the best solutions for you to get Wi-Fi in the French capital: 1. Data roaming in Paris If you plan to use your usual mobile phone plan, you [...]

How to get Wifi in Italy?

Find a solution to stay connected during travel is now become an essential issue for travellers, never mind the length and the reason of the journey. We have indexed the most efficient tools to stay relaxed and connected during your stay in Italy: 1. Data roaming in Italy You can continue to use your usual [...]

9 tips to make your travelling easier

1. 1. Invest in a good luggage Backpack, carry-on bag, soft suitcase, rigid case… Today, the choice in luggage is expanding, making it also more and more complicated for the consumer. However, the choice of a good suitcase will allow you to travel more calmly, more slightly – and with more style (yes, it does [...]

Top 20 best apps to download before travel abroad

After renting your pocket wifi, you now benefit of an internet connection during all your stay. Take advantage and download now our selection of the best apps to make your travel easier!           1. Your airline company app   To check in easily and quickly, and see in real time all your flight [...]

Top 5 cities in Portugal to visit in 2017

1. Lisbon Although highly touristic in any season, Lisbon is a must-do for any first visit in Portugal. With a very pleasant and uncommon beauty, the Portuguese capital will surprise you with its colours, its pastel houses and its idyllic beaches. The city is a harmonious blend between tradition and modernity, both dynamic and lively but [...]