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Athens, a city named after the guardian goddess

Byron, the British romantic poet, said: "Greece is the only place that can satisfy me." The country faces the sea and more than three-quarters of the land is mountainous. Greece is also a famous ancient country who has already a written history 2700 years ago. The various temples built by the people of the year [...]

The Art City – Milan

When it comes to Milan, everyone will generally think of Milan Fashion Week and Milan Cathedral. Milan that is the important transportation point of the southern Europe is not only the second largest city in Italy but also the “design capital”, “art city”, “opera sacred place” and “soccer city”. Milan is a romantic city with [...]

The City of Lilies – Florence

“And when I think of Florence, I think of a city like a corolla that exudes a magical scent, because it is called the city of lilies, and its cathedral is called the Madonna.” - Marcel Proust《Remembrance of the Year》 Florence is the cradle of the Italian Renaissance and one of the most beautiful cities [...]

The Romantic City Born of Water – Venice

When we mention Venice, what appears instantly in my mind is that it’s the "romantic capital" situated in the water. It is a famous tourist and industrial city located in the northeast of Italy. Venice is full of charm that make people looking forward to coming here. Venice is a picturesque and ancient city with [...]

The Eternal City – Rome

Rome is the center of Italian politics, economy and culture. It is famous for its long history and beautiful scenery. It has a history of more than 2,750 years. It is an ancient city with a long history and a treasure house of art in the Renaissance. It’s said that the founder of Rome, Romulo, [...]

The political center of Netherlands – The Hague

“The Hague” means “the forest of the Earl”, which was originally the hunting ground of the royal family in the 14th century and became the political center of the Netherlands until the 16th century. In addition, The Hague is home to many international organizations including the International Tribunal and the International Criminal Court. The International [...]

A colorful city – Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a seaport city and a vibrant and sleepless city.  It’s a great shopping capital and a city of art that is renowned overseas. More importantly, Rotterdam is a comprehensive city that leads the fashion and creates innovation. Here, the skyline is constantly changing with the building of skyscrapers. There is also a lot [...]

A city of openness – Amsterdam

Amsterdam, which is surrounded by water, is the most special canal city in Europe. Amsterdam originally meant to be “a dam on the Amstel River”. Amsterdam is actually a fascinating city that is a fairy tale kingdom of windmills. There are a row of houses along the river, various coffee shops, the whizzing bicycles, lush [...]

Castle in the sky – Ronda

"If you want to go to Spain for your honeymoon or eloping with your beloved, Ronda is the most suitable place. The whole city is full of romantic scenery. If you are not satisfied with the honeymoon or elopement, it’s better to go to Paris for separating and looking for another beloved." - Hemingway "Death [...]

The great places to visit in Segovia

Segovia that is a city of central Spain is located in the central part of the province of Castilla. It’s an ancient and elegant small town, half of which is a mountain and half of which is a plain. It is called "the ancient city of Rome". Segovia is known for its 2000-year-old Roman aqueduct [...]