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The great 10 places to visit in Toledo

Toledo has a history of more than 2000 years. It was once the city under the Roman Empire, the capital of the Visigoth Kingdom, the fortress of the Emirate of Cordoba and the temporary location of supreme power during the reign of Charles. The uniqueness of Toledo is that different civilizations have been nurtured in [...]

The great 10 places to visit in Granada

Located in the Andalucía Autonomous Region of southern Spain, Granada is an ancient city where you can overlook the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There is a pomegranate in the city emblem of Granada because "Granada" means pomegranate in Spanish. Granada is famous for the masterpiece Alhambra of the Moorish dynasty and various historical sites mixed of [...]

The great 10 places to visit in Seville

Seville is a unique existence in Spain that is located in the southwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula of Spain, near the southernmost part of the European continent and close to North Africa. So here is a mix of folk customs and culture of Europe, Africa, Asia and other regions. Seville is a city full [...]

The great 10 places to visit in Madrid

Madrid is a city that is ideal for walking. The sunshine of the Iberian Peninsula keeps it a long-lasting vitality. Flamingo's flaming red dress has made Madrid always being optimistic and enthusiasm for more than 400 years. Take a walk and a closer look to see around from the exquisite carvings on the old buildings [...]

The great 10 places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is ​​a city of masters. In the modernist trend of the early 20th century, there were world-class painting masters such as Picasso, Miro and Dali, and world-class architects such as Domenico and Gaudi appeared. The whole city is full of artistic atmosphere and the modern buildings can be seen everywhere. Barcelona has become the [...]

Discovery of Dusseldorf – top 10 best places to visit

Dusseldorf is known as the “desk” of the Ruhr area and is located in the heart of the heavy industrial area. Dusseldorf is a modern international city where tradition and openness are perfectly integrated. There are 630,000 inhabitants from 180 countries and more than 5,000 international companies setting up their offices here. It is also [...]

Discovery of Stuttgart – top 10 best places to visit

Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany. It is a typical modern industrial city that attracts countless car enthusiasts every year. It’s not just an industrial city, but also a city of art, architecture and shopping. Stuttgart originated from the German horse racecourse. In ancient times, it was once the horse racecourse of [...]

Discovery of Fussen – top 10 best places to visit

Located on the banks of the River Lace, Fussen is an ancient city full of romance. There are crisscrossed medieval streets of cobblestone and abound gorgeous Baroque churches. Fussen is at the southern end of the “Romantic Road” in Bavaria. Nowhere is better than the natural geography that Fussen occupies. It’s located at the foot [...]

Discovery of Hamburg – top 10 best places to visit

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and an internationally renowned tourist city. The scenery is beautiful and the environment is pleasant. Hamburg is one of the world's famous city “over water” that has more bridges than Venice with more than 2,300 bridges. Therefore, Hamburg has the reputation of “World Bridge City”. The Port [...]

Discovery of Heidelberg – top 10 best places to visit

The city is concerned with love and romance. It is famous all over the world for its tourism. You can look for dreamy romance in the old bridges and palaces; you can praise high-level cultural and event feasts; you can experience a warm and welcoming dining culture. Heidelberg is a wonderful paradise between the Neckar [...]