HIPPOCKETWIFI is now using Boomerang reusable package!

Article en Francais ici : https://hippocketwifi.com/fr/actu/colis-reutilisables-boomerang/


Reusable packages for pocket wifi shipments and returns

From January 2022, we will be testing a reusable package solution. It will allow our customers to return their pocket wifi with the same package that was used for delivery. This package will then be used again for a new customer.

Partnership with the ECOPACK company which markets the Boomerang package

This reusable « Boomerang » package was created by Ecopack according to 3 principles:

  • Upcycling: packages are made from old advertising banners (they would otherwise be incinerated).
  • Reuse: Boomerang packages are used for several deliveries and are cleaned between each customer.
  • Made in France: packages are manufactured in Auvergne by people in social integration.

More information about Boomerang package by Ecopack Solutions on colis-boomerang.com

Several environmental and commercial objectives

  • Limit the packaging use: the 2 single-use packages (shipping and return) have been replaced by a single one, reusable several times.
  • Reduce the transport impact on the environment: the reusable package is smaller in weight and size compared to our previous packages. It takes less space in air and road transports, allowing more parcels to be transported with the same energy consumption.
  • Make life easier for our customers: one single package for the shipping and return, means less packaging to throw away and less logistics to manage for our customers.

Test phase for a few months:

Before deploying this solution on all our shipments, we want to test if it works properly, from an operational, logistical and commercial point of view. We therefore need to validate several points:

  • the resistance: how many shipments are possible before the package is too damaged to be reused?
  • the cleaning between 2 customers: what residues? what cleaning process?
  • the ease of use by our customers: is the concept simple to understand? are customers ready to play the game?