How cellphone is becoming the best travel accessory

It’s no longer a secret that mobile is now taking an increasing part in our everyday lives. 

All sectors must now to adapt their communication to this new habit of consumption. Travel and tourism industry is not an exception to this trend. Many studies highlight the growing importance of mobile phone in travelers’ trip organization and in their stay abroad.

Indeed, more and more tourist destinations offer mobile applications to facilitate the stay of tourists. A wide choice of tourism applications is now available on all mobile platforms: city maps, guide of best restaurants, interactive visits, transportation guide, … Travel technology is becoming increasingly important, and according to a recent study, travelers from USA, Norway, Sweden, India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand argue that the loss of their mobile overseas would be a greater source of concern than the lost of their luggage…

61% of travelers also use their cell phone to send and receive emails or text messages, 50 % to take pictures and videos, 47% to navigate with GPS application, 45% to use social media and 38% to check the weather.


However, this increasing use of mobile phone requires a high-speed and constant internet connection. Thus, for both business and leisure travellers, wifi service is one of the most important criteria in their hotel choice. Outside the hotel, 88% of travellers don’t want to pay data roaming charges to surf the internet.

One of the best solutions is to rent a pocket wifi as our Hippo, allowing them to access to all their applications and stay connected with their friends and family during their trip!