4 tips to optimize costs during your trip

As you know, traveling costs money and it can be very quick depending on your destination. We have found four essential tools to optimize your costs during preparation and during your trip. This is our great deals :



If you go at the last minute, Firebnb is THE platform on which to make your accommodation reservation, if you want to go in France or in the European capitals. The concept is simple. Do you all know Airbnb? Well, it’s the same, but cheaper! Firebnb brings together all the housing available immediately on the Airbnb site (unlike Airbnb, which sometimes gives us false hopes …) and the prices offered can be reduced up to 50% by homeowners wishing to highlight their apartment or house for rent. Moreover, the accommodations are also sorted before being offered, and you are sure to come across a beautiful apartment without a bad surprise ! It’s pretty cool right ?



If you advocate anti-food wastage, Too Good to Go is THE concept to adopt during your travels! Available in biggest cities in France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and the United Kingdom, this application was etablished to sell unsold products to users. Easy to use, you just have to place your order from the application, choose your shop (pastries, bakeries, vegetables, restaurants, etc.), and go to the imposed slot shop (usually closing hours) to come and collect their unsold products of the day in the form of “surprise baskets“. The merchant will sometimes offer you an imposed basket, or you can create it yourself with the products of your choice. In addition to fighting against food wastage, it’s an economical solution because you spend only 5 € on average per basket and you can largely make you a meal (according to the specialty of the merchant). Moreover, it’s an original way to discover the products and specialties of each country where the service is offered.


Tired of spending hours on travel comparator online to find the best transport offer for your next trip in Europe? TicTacTrip has the ultimate solution! It is the first comparator of multiple means of transport : car, train and carpooling, with unbeatable prices. This comparator is different from the others by its notion of “stopover” which makes it possible to connect several cities of different countries with different transport companies, at lower cost. For example, you want to go from Lyon to Berlin? You will find your go about fifty euros, with a stopover in Frankfurt, against almost 150 € by plane. Certainly, the journey time is longer, but if you want to travel economically, without tiring you, TicTacTrip is the solution ! Ambitious, this startup wants thereafter to be able to create customizable itineraries and unique to each travelers, by combining several means of transport in order to facilitate the transfer between big cities and the province. Stay connected as this tool may be useful for your next trips ;).


To start, you have to ask yourself “what is a Greeter ? The answer is simple : when you arrive in a city, where you know absolutely nothing, and you have not inform about the activities to do, the visits, the restaurants, or the good plans, it is there that the Greeter takes action ! Global Greeter Network gather people usually from the city of your destination, who work as volunteers to share the atmosphere of his city and its most beautiful places ! You will be able to select different filter according to your request (your centers of interest, your native language, and your availability) and you will be put in touch with a Greeter able to answer your needs. Greeters are now everywhere in the world, and offer you rewarding, friendly and free moments to discover your holiday destination in an original way! What better ?