How much money can Americans save with us?

How much money can North and South Americans save with us?

We are very proud to allow everyone to access high-speed internet at a cheap price. Our prices start at 4.90€ per day (see prices here), so you can save a lot of money with us, compared with your local provider’s roaming fees! We are at least 90% cheaper than AT&T (USA), Bell (Canada), Oi (Brazil) or Movistar (Mexico).

For 7 days and 2GB (2 000 MB) of data, you will save between 300€ and 1300€!

In addition, we are not only cheaper but also better:

  • our network is 4G LTE (70% of French Population coverage)
  • you can share your pocket wifi with friends or family (up to 10 devices connected)
  • no restriction or censorship: use video streaming, video calling and unlimited emails as you want!

Stay connected in France with Hippocketwifi and book your pocket wifi now :