How to stay connected on the ski slopes?

When we spent our holidays on a ski resort, we think about quiet evening near a fireplace, winter sports and disconnect from the daily routine. But old habits die hard and in fact, even with ski shoes on, the disconnection from our social networks or emails is quite difficult …
However, with the expensive prices of data roaming when you travel abroad, holidays can turn into a real race to best wifi spots…

stay connected on the ski slopes

All you need is Wifi.


Some accommodation (hotel rooms, apartments or lodges) have internet access for their guests – like at home! According to the ski resort and the accommodation chosen, this internet service can be free or not. However, in general rules, don’t make any illusion, the connection remains relatively limited. Sometimes only some areas are covered (hotel lobby, rooms corridor) and internet speed could be disappointing.

wifi signal7          Wifi hotspot

Many cities offer free wifi hotspots where you can connect without any password, particularly in city centers, restaurants and bars. Some tourist offices also offer free wifi connections but these are limited in time (usually 15 to 60 minutes).
These low-speed connections could be very convenient for a quick use: sending and receving mails (not with large enclosed documents), check itineraries and find gourmet addresses in the station. Though, consumption is limited and often full, so don’t expect to watch the latest episode of your favourite TV show. Be aware of the after skiing effect: when ski slopes close, everybody goes to the same places to find a wifi network to share some pictures and speak with their friends and family on Skype.

drink209          Internet cafes

If your internet needs are more important than just sending emails and tweeting, you can visit internet cafes. Although they are becoming increasingly uncommon, you should find one near your ski station. For an hourly price, you can gratify all your internet needs
However, keep in mind that the equipment is often in poor condition, slow to drive crazy, and the connection’s far from quick. Data security isn’t optimal either, so avoid surfing on sensitive data websites (online banking for example).

pendrive10          4G sticks

If you don’t want to share one wifi hotspot with hundred of people, you can bring your own 4G stick and use your data plan (but it will be very expensive to use it abroad) or subscribe a data plan from a local operator. These data plans are generally monthly subscription systems, with or without commitment. This solution, rather expensive, allows you to connect from anywhere and anytime, to share your ski videos or the photos of last night raclette’s party.

wifi7          Pocket wifi rental

If you only stay for a few days, and you don’t want to bother to sign a contract for a data plan, we recommend you to rent a pocket wifi. Pocket wifi are mobile hotspot that you can rent for a couple of day. Most of the time they com with unlimited data plan, work anywhere on the slopes and ensure high-speed connection.
Some ski resorts already rent their own pocket wifi, available at the tourist offices. But if yours isn’t equipped yet, you can book online a few days before your arrival and ask for a delivery to a pickup location in the ski resort or to your home address before leaving.

So, whatever your destination or the selected ski resort, you will still find a way to stay connected. You only have to look for which solutions are available for you, and choose the most appropriate and convenient.