Top 10 Travel blogs to discover Europe

N.1 – World of Wanderlust


Brooke is a 24 years old blogger, passionate about travels, DIY and food. Through her blog, she made us discover her best experiences and share tips to travel better.
Her Instagram account is a real source of inspiration for us to discover the world.

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N.2 – Nomadic Matt


Matt is one of the most famous travel bloggers in the world, having visited more than 80 countries and territories. Since 2006, he shares through his blog his travel tips, best experiences and his way of life. He is also author of the New York Times best-selling book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.
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N.3 – Globetrotter girls


Since 2010, Dani shares her travel tips and experiences with us, making us want to discover the world. Her enthusiasm and her love of life make her an exceptional person that we all would want to meet.

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N.4 – The Wanderlust effect


Shannon is an incredible globetrotter who shares with us all her travel tips in everywhere in the world. As an expat in Anguilla, she is also Marketer at the Frangipani Beach Resort, and she is a member of the board of the Omololu International School.
Her way of life will probably inspire you to pep up your inner adventurer side.

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N.5 – Young Adventuress


Liz Carlson is an american native who moved to New Zealand to live there. Passionate about travelling, she is currently one of the most notorious travel bloggers.

Do not miss her wonderful Instagram account to see all her adventures with stunning pictures.

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N.6 – Travelling buzz


Maria and Krasi are a young couple from Bulgaria, who try to show us how to travel smartly and cheap.
Only focused in Europe for the time being, they give us travel tips and various practical informations to discover Europe. Through their Instagram account, they also share ideas and inspirations for all.

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N.7 – Budget Traveller


Kash Bhattacharya is an expert in Euro travel and accommodation reviews as well so you definitely need to check out his blog.

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N.8 – Rick Steves


Rick Steeves is a Guidebook author and a globetrotter, who shares practical information and tips about various destinations in Europe. He also organizes and leads energetic tours throughout Europe.

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N.9 – Vicky flipflop travels


Victoria is a solo female traveller passionate about travel experience and festivals. Through her blog she shares with us all her tips with willingness and enthusiasm – that make us want to meet her and become her friend!
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N. 10 – Heather on her travels


Heater is a UK travel blogger from Bristol who has already visited a significant number of countries, especially in Europe. Through her articles she shares pictures and experiences about authentic traveling.

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