Top 20 best apps to download before travel abroad

After renting your pocket wifi, you now benefit of an internet connection during all your stay. Take advantage and download now our selection of the best apps to make your travel easier!

          1. Your airline company app


To check in easily and quickly, and see in real time all your flight information.

          2. Your departure airport app


To catch up all the flights delays, last minute news regarding the airport, and to know in advance the services offered by the airport (restoration, shopping…).

          3. Google Drive


To store all your important documents (passport, identity card, travel vouchers, insurance certificate, etc.).

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          4. Your bank app


To consult in real time your account statement, conduct credit transfers and contact your bank quickly if a problem occurs.

          5. A budget app


To budget your stay and avoid overspending. Expense manager for instance, is an app that allows you to enter and visualize easily your expenses by category (leisure, food, transport…).

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          6. XE currency


Download a currency convertor to see in real time all the exchange rates and make easy conversions.

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          7. A weather app


To see the weather of your place of destination and know how kind of clothes you should bring with you.

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          8. Kindle


Because bringing books is too heavy, but it is always better to wait at the airport with a coffee and a good reading… The Kindle app offer you a large choice of e-books, there is one for everyone’s taste!

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          9. Spotify


To listen music in the plane or in the subway!

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          10. Booking


To find an hotel in just two clicks once arrives at destination.

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          11. AirBnB or Couchsurfing


If hotels are not your thing, the AirBnb app is made for you. It allows you to find a host who want to rent his accomodation. In the same style but free of charge, there is Couchsurfing.

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          12. An online translator


As its name suggests, Google Translate is an online translator that allows you to translate any word or expression. You can also translate some more specific touristic information or even the restaurant menu. Handy!

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          13. A GPS app


To find your hotel at the end of the day, or this nice restaurant the museum guide talked you about yesterday. Google Maps is the most famous GPS app and is definitely recommended for all travelers!

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          14. Public transport app


If your city of destination has a public transport service, there is probably an app from transport authority which includes bus/subways timetables and journey planning.

          15. Uber app


Uber app allows you to move around with a professional driver, for a very reasonable price, in more than 60 countries around the world!

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          16. Trip Advisor


To find out the best restaurants, bars and activities at your destination. Many pictures and reviews are available inside the app.

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          17. The Fork


To benefit of discounts on your restaurant reservation, download a specific app like TheFork or Opentable.

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          18. A podometer


Useful to see how much kilometers you walk each day!

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          19. An online messaging service


To stay in touch with your friend and family from abroad for free, by messaging or audio/video calls, download Skype or WhatsApp.

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          20. Instagram


To discover the most beautiful pictures of your place of destination and the best things to do, but also to post your own photos!

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