What you can’t do in Paris without WiFi …

In Paris, everything is optimized for smartphones users. However, when we talk about Smartphone applications, we also need to talk about Wi-Fi. Obviously, it is harder to find … For those who are lucky enough to have access, no problem. For the others, here is the list of everything that will be complicated for you to do – far be it from us to rub salt in the wound!

          1. Find your way – because all roads don’t lead to the Eiffel Tower …


Paper road maps are surely old school and gives us a little adventurer side. But we all know that it is not very convenient. Indeed, it takes space in the subway and the worst part is that everyone knows when you are lost. To become an undercover tourist – and not getting lost in the city – the GPS is still your best friend.

  Google Maps

Whether you are on foot or in a vehicle, Google Maps allows you to find efficiently and quickly the shortest way to go to your destination.


          2. Don’t get lost in the Parisian metro


Are you ready to spend hours to read subway maps, to find the right bus route and stops location? No? So you need to find quickly a Wi-Fi access to download those critical applications in the capital!


The essential application to know the schedules, the stops and more importantly, to find the best route to your direction. Guaranteed time saver!


 Paris ci la sortie de metro

The app indicates which wagon and which automatic door you must take to get down in front of the exit you want. You can also find all the subway’s exits on the plan.


          3. Get around friendly


Bus and subway are too complicated for you? Unfortunately, with no vehicle and no Wifi, you will not have much more choice… For those lucky enough to have internet access, whew you are saved! You can order an Uber and peacefully return to your hotel.


Order a private driver with your mobile phone. Cheaper than a taxi, Uber puts you in touch with a driver within a few minutes!


 Bla Bla Car

If your destination is further, you can also choose carsharing. Cheaper and greener! Within a few minutes, find all the people making the same journey at the desired time.


          4. Find out where are the nearest toilet


No Cafes around and you need to go to the toilets? You will need to be patient and run into a Mc Donald. Otherwise, if you have a Wifi access you can try the app “ Le Trèfle”.

 Le Trèfle – Où sont les toilettes ?

No cafes nearby and you desperately want to pee? Let’s meet the revolutionary application for women – but not only – that geo-locates all the toilets located in the capital. More than 70,000 referenced!


          5. Drink a coffee or a beer at a reasonable price


Coffee prices tend to double when we approach the capital centre. Therefore you have two options: either give up and agree to pay 4,5€ for a coffee, or have the wifi and find the best corners of Paris.

 Café à 1euro

The city of Paris has set up an application to locate all the cafes offering a coffee for 1€ or less.

 Mister Good Beer

In the same state of mind, find all the cheapest beers in Paris in a flash!


          6. Book a restaurant


You don’t like any restaurants of your street, you want something exotic or something typically French and unfortunately you are a vegetarian and you don’t eat gluten? Luckily with the Wifi you can download one of the following apps and reserve at the best prices the restaurants that you want.

 La Fourchette

La Fourchette allows you to benefit from exclusive discount on your bill … up to 50% off !



Yelp is a large community of users who share their experiences about all the restaurants in France.


          7. Find an accomodation at the last minute

No place to stay for the night and no Wifi? This looks complicated: are you ready to spend the day calling all the hotels on the yellow pages? (yes, it still exists)

For the others, you can download one of these applications and book an hotel or a room at the best prices within a few minute.

 Air BnB

Air BnB allows you to book an accommodation in a private house in a few clicks.



The must-have sushi lovers application which allows you to be delivered with your favourite meal when you want.


          8. Eating sushis on the Louvre parking.

It is well known; artworks whet the appetite.

Fortunately, for those who have wifi, you can be delivered anytime, anywhere and anything you want.

 Sushi shop

The must-have sushi lovers application which allows you to be delivered with your favourite meal when you want.



 Allo Resto

This application puts you in touch with all the restaurants in your city that offer a delivery service. In a few clicks, it is ordered and delivered. Enjoy!


          9. Find the nearest McDonald


 McDo France

A desire of McDonald … disappears only with a McDonald. Unfortunately, without wifi, it is hard to find the nearest McDonald …

For the others, you can geo-locate the nearest McDonald with this app!


          10. Negotiate prices of souvenir Eiffel Tower


Let’s fight prejudices, being a tourist doesn’t mean necessarily to be an easy target for vendors. The tourist also has the right to negotiate. When he knows the value of euro, it is better. So for those who don’t, here is a small application that can help you.

 Convertisseur de devises

Party with a local is a free application that connects tourists or travelers with locals who want to party.


          11. french seduction

 Google Translate

You think you have found your soul mate down the Arc de Triomphe, but the language barrier shows up. Fortunately, Google Translate allows you to find the words – not always the goods one- to approach the desired person.


          12. Make new friends

 Party with a local

Party with a local is a free application that connects tourists or travelers with locals who want to party.



Tinder is an application that geo-locates you and allows you to meet people all around.


          13. Know the market’s days and places

 Paris Marchés

Paris Markets lists all the capital markets, locates the nearest, indicates the closest metro station and offer some pictures. What more?


          14. Send live pictures to your friends abroad


Postcards are seemed to be vintage and even if it comes back into fashion you always must find them, have a pen, write, go to the Post office … In short, what is the best way to instantly send memories pictures to your family?


The famous application allows you to chat with friends and family around the world instantly via SMS, telephone or sending images.




The application that allows you to send ephemeral photos instantly to your friends, that they can see only a few seconds!



          15. Know all cultural events

Museum are great, but after a while we need something more real. How to find the best events around you?

Capture d’écran 2015-11-25 à 11.45.41 20h59

The application allows you to find all the cultural events around where you are: concerts, theater, festivals, dance, etc.


Capture d’écran 2015-11-25 à 11.46.05 Ticketac         

Find all the current shows and events at discounted prices on this application.