Foreign visitors will save a lot of money on data roaming during their next trip in France

PRESS RELEASE – Lyon, July 21st, 2014

Foreign visitors will save a lot of money on data roaming during their next trip in France, thanks to new french start-up Hippocketwifi


As data roaming is very expensive for foreign visitors, they don’t have any other option than switch off their smartphones, tablets and PC during a French trip. We want change that by introducing mobile hotspot rental.


Mobile hotspot (also known as pocket wifi) is a 4G LTE tiny modem that creates a private and secured Wi-Fi network around it. It offers internet connection to any Wi-Fi device (cellphones, tablets, all computers, cameras, etc.) and accepts up to 10 devices simultaneously.
Travelers can explore streets of Paris, take a walk in burgundy vineyards or climb Courchevel’s summit, they always stay connected with our mobile hotspot in their pocket!
Very helpful to find best local spots, keep in touch with their love ones and share travel experience on social media.

Hippocketwifi has convinced an european major telecommunication operator which became our partner and opened to us its extended 4G LTE network in France.

Our rental starts at € 4,90 (less than USD 7) per day (300Mb data quota includes), very cheap compared to fees charged by home service provider (for example Verizon-US charges USD 75 for a 300Mb data plan and Telstra-Australia USD 85).
Rentals are made on our website then we deliver our mobile hotspot directly at travelers’ arrival in France (at the airport, hotel or any Post office). Return is simple as well, you just have to drop the device in any yellow mailbox in France.As France welcomes more than 83 million of tourists each year, Hippocketwifi hopes to become a major internet provider for travelers.

Hippocketwifi is dedicated to improve globetrotters’ travel experience in France.

More information about Hippocketwifi:

The company, founded in Lyon and Grenoble in May 2014, has already be rewarded by the 2014 Business Cup hosted by Grenoble Business School’s Entrepreneur Festival. The company is a member of IncubaGEM (one of the most french powerful incubators) and gets great supports to development from various specialists.