1- General

What is Hippocketwifi?

Hippocketwifi is an innovative, funny and cheap way to provide internet connection with a mobile hotspot that fits in your pocket.

With Hippocketwifi, you stay connected everywhere in France with high speed connection (4G LTE, up to 100Mb/sec).

Hippocketwifi was founded in 2013 by a geeky hippo who was very disappointed about data roaming fees when he traveled.

Why use Hippocketwifi service?

Easy. Turn on and you will get in less than a minute a private and secure wifi network

Cheap. From only 4.90 €/day, we are simply the cheaper. See our prices here.

Perfect for groups or multi-connected people. You can connect up to 10 devices to your Hippocketwifi mobile hotspot.

Delivered at your arrival in France. Start using it on your first day! See our delivery options here.

How much does it cost?

Between 4.90€ and 7.90€ per day, depending on the rental period.

Free delivery and free return (a prepaid return envelope included).

No hidden fees, no extra costs. Pure cheap. See our prices here.

Do I need to book in advance?

Our hippo in charge of delivery is fast but need a few days to bring you your pocket wifi.

We offer standard and express delivery:

  • standard delivery: you need to book at least 3 business days in advance. No delivery on Sundays.
  • express delivery: you need to book at least 1 business days in advance. No delivery on Sundays.

We can also deliver you in other european countries. It will take 3 to 4 days to deliver.

Any question? Please contact us!

In which countries does it work?

Hippocketwifi is working in France (and in Corse if you’d like to discover « l’ile de Beauté »).

With our new Europe package, you can now use our pocket wifi in all other european countries! Read more.

What devices can I use with my pocket wifi?

You can use 10 devices SIMULTANEOUSLY :

laptops, smartphones, tablets… and it works with ALL brands and ALL devices which have Wi-Fi feature : Apple (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, …), Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, Dell, Lenovo, and so more!

When exactly does my rental begin and end?

Your rental will begin on the morning of the first day that you chose and will end on the evening of the last day.

Let’s take an example: you book a pocket wifi from September 2 to September 11 (10 days).

  • You can collect your pocket wifi on the morning of September 2 and use it immediately (generally it will be delivered the day before)
  • You have to drop it in a mailbox before September 11 at 11:59 PM… but nobody will blame you for dropping it at 12:01 AM on September 12!


Is it possible to extend my rental period?

Yes it’s possible!

Please contact us at least 24 hours before the end of your rental period.

2- Delivery and return

Where can I receive my pocket wifi?

We can deliver to address located in France and in Europe.

You can choose your most convenient option: airport, hotel, B&B, apartment, post office or a friend’s address.
See our delivery options here.

Please order at least 4 days before your arrival to be sure your pocket wifi will arrive before you !
Otherwise, you will be charged express delivery fees.

Any doubt about delivery? Please contact us, we’re glad to find the best solution for you!

What is “Poste Restante” service?

You don’t have a hotel or friends to receive your pocket wifi before your arrival ? No problem, you can choose delivery option “Poste Restante”. It works as follow:

1/ you choose a Post Office among our selected post offices or you search a post office near your destination (list of Post Offices available here :

2/ after your arrival, you can collect your pocket wifi at the Post Office during opening hours (usually 9AM to 6PM Monday to Friday). Please note that you will have to pay a little fee at the Post Office (0.66 €) and present a valid ID (Passport for example).

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find best Post Office for you!

Where are the most convenient Post Offices?

Most convenient post offices are located:

  • at the airport: Paris CDG, Paris Orly and Lyon St Exupery
  • downtown Paris
  • at Disneyland Paris

Please see our delivery options.

Can I change the delivery address?

You can change your delivery until your pocket wifi is sent. Just send us an email at

How can I return my pocket wifi?

From France:
Please use the prepaid envelope we provide. Just put everything into it and drop the envelope in a yellow mailbox from “La Poste”. Mailboxes are available almost everywhere, including in each terminal at CDG airport (in public area, before security).

From other european country:
We can provide you a prepaid envelope as well. Extra cost is 10 Euros. You can drop the envelope in a local postbox.
Countries included: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK

From elsewhere:
You can’t use our prepaid envelope and you have to do it at your own expense. Please visit a local post office and ask for a tracked parcel to France. Our return address is:
69009 LYON

Do not hesitate to contact us for any help!

3- Trouble and technical issues

My hippocketwifi doesn’t work anymore? Help me!

First, try to reboot your device (hold power button for 10 seconds) and be sure you are in a covered area.

Contact us as soon as possible and we will help you. Of course, we will send you a new device if yours is broken.

What happens if I loose my pocket wifi ?

As mentioned in our terms & conditions, your credit card will be charged a 150€ fee.

4- Hippocketwifi device

Is it hard to use?

Absolutely not: you push power button on the pocket wifi and it will make a wifi signal. Find it on your device, enter the password (only at the first time) and you will be connected to the world :-)

What’s the size of the device?

Big surprise for an hippo: it’s slim (less than 1,5cm thick), tiny (10cm * 6cm) and light (less than 100 grams).

How long does the battery last for?

The battery will offer you 6 hours of full time use and with automatic turn off feature when you don’t use it, it’s easy to last an entire day with your pocket wifi.

If you think you will need more battery, you can add an external battery to your booking (+5€ per rental).

Our external battery will add 6 hours to the battery life.

What’s in the box?

The box includes one pocket wifi device, a AC adaptor, a USB cable, a little user manual and a prepaid return envelope.

5- Network, speed and data usage

What is the coverage area?

Hippocketwifi only works in France, but it works great: we are very proud of our 4G LTE network which is currently the largest in France. Our network partner covers:

  • 69% of French population with 4G LTE (up to 100mb/sec)
    • 100% of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lille, Toulouse, etc.
    • Excellent coverage downtown (more than 2000 cities)
  • 99% of French population with 3G+ (up to 7 mb/sec)
    • Almost everywhere, even in countryside

What is the data transfer speed?

Transfer speed is up to 100mb/sec when you are in 4G LTE area and up to 7 mb/sec in 3G+ area.

What is the reasonable data consumption?

To ensure that all of our customers are able to enjoy optimal service, your speed connection will be reduced beyond a reasonable data quota of 500MB per day.

What can I do with 500Mb per day?

500MB is enough for this daily usage: 6 hours of web browsing + 2 hours of interactive maps + 1 hour of video streaming + 200 emails.

If you think that you need more data, please choose our unlimited data option!

How is the data allocated?

Your data is allocated at the begin of your rental, based on the number of rental days. For example, if you rent a pocket wifi for 4 days, you will get 4 * 500MB = 2 000MB (or 2 GB) for you all stay. Feel free to use it as you want.

What if I need more than 500Mb?

Please choose our unlimited data option for only 2.50€ per day.

What happens if I use all my data?

Your data connection will still work but at a low speed (less than 0,2mb/sec).

We won’t charge you anything.

Is unlimited data is really unlimited?

Our unlimited data option is really generous and dedicated to big users. However, our network partners impose us fair usage policies that we need to respect. If they alert us about an excessive consumption, we will contact you and ask you to limit your usage. If not, we may have to reduce your speed.

6- Europe option

In which countries can I travel with my pocket wifi?

After choosing our Europe extra option, you will be able to use it in:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

How much data can I use in Europe?

When you travel in Europe (outside France), you will have a 3Gb data plan (per rental), whatever the length of your stay. Please keep an eye on the data counter, as it’s not possible to add more data on your Europe plan.

What happens if I go outside Europe?

We strongly recommend to not use your pocket wifi outside covered countries (see entire list here).
Please be sure that your pocket wifi is turned off when you travel abroad.

If you use it in other countries, we will charge you 8€ per mb.

What is the data transfer speed in Europe?

Transfer speed is up to 7 mb/sec in Europe, on 3G+ network.

7- Payment

Is my credit card information safe on your site?


All our online card transactions are processed safely and securely by Ogone Payment Services. Ogone are SSL certified and PCI DSS compliant, ensuring the highest levels of security.
Fraud protection is enabled through 3D secure, CV2 and AVS.

We do not receive any of your card information.

What payment options are available?

We accept most of international debit and credit card issued by banks around the world, such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express.

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