Long-term pocket wifi rental

Long-term plans for pocket wifi rental

Need a pocket wifi for more than 30 days? We have special plans for 1 to 12 months rental.

10GB /month in France

Enough for small users.
For example: 40 emails/day + 3h/day web browsing + 1h/day music streaming.

1 month 90 € /month
2 months 60 € /month
3 to 5 months 45 € /month
> 6 months 30 € /month

20GB /month in France

Perfect for average users.
Usage example: 50 emails/day + 4h/day web browsing + 30min/day videos streaming.

1 month 110 € /month
2 months 85 € /month
3 to 5 months 60 € /month
> 6 months 45 € /month
50GB /month in France
+ 3GB /month in Europe
Dedicated to heavy users
Usage example: 100 emails/day + 5h/day web browsing + 1h/day HD video streaming
1 month 160 € /month
2 months 120 € /month
3 to 5 months 85 € /month
> 6 months 60 € /month

Always included in all our plans:

  • Unlimited internet
  • High-speed 4G LTE network

speed reduction (to 2G speed) over 10GB, 20GB or 50GB until next month

  • Free delivery in France
  • Prepaid return envelope included
  • Our 24/7 support
  • No extra fees at anytime

need more data during your rental?

We can upgrade your long-term pocket wifi rental or just add more data for a short period.

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Want to shorten or extend your rental?

All our long-term plans are flexible. You can shorten or extend your rental at anytime. Your rate will be recalculated.

some questions about long-term plans?

Chat with us, send us an email or just call us to get more information about our pocket wifi rental services.

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