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End of roaming in Europe? Not really…

From 15 June of 2017, due to a decade-long battle by Brussels and a European Union new regulation, the European telecom operators (finally) come to an end of roaming fees. You know, these huge extra charges for making calls, sending texts and using data when in a foreign country. However, regarding the Internet mobile data, [...]

WIFI in TGV and in SNCF stations

          High expectations from users   To have Internet access at the SNCF station or during travel has been the passenger’s main expectation for years. If you add up the time spent at the station and the travel time itself, each user has to spend several hours each trip within SNCF [...]

How cellphone is becoming the best travel accessory

It's no longer a secret that mobile is now taking an increasing part in our everyday lives.  All sectors must now to adapt their communication to this new habit of consumption. Travel and tourism industry is not an exception to this trend. Many studies highlight the growing importance of mobile phone in travelers’ trip organization [...]