Top 5 best destinations to celebrate Halloween in Europe

Spooky Big Ben with bats

1. London, England

London is probably one of the most terrifying city where to celebrate Halloween. This year, the ghost of the most famous serial killers will be in town to welcome you. Take place for the Jack the Ripper Ghost Walks or the Jack Ripper Tour with Ripper-Vision, and walk in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper.

There are many haunted places to visit in London: the Royal Drury Lane theatre and the Hampton Court Palace’s gallery. Or you can have a drink in one of the haunted pubs of the city. You also want to go on a ghost hunt organized with the London Halloween Ghost Walk, or visit London in the well-known Ghost bus. And for most original experiences, go watch horror movies in the mysterious Rivoli Ballroom, or create and customize your own pumpkin at The Strawberry Farm.

Many events are organized the night of October 31th, so be ready and prepare your costume!


2. Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is one of the cradles of Halloween, which has Celtic traditions. Indeed, the legendary character of Jack O Lantern and his pumpkin are derived from an Irish tale in which one night, the devil appeared to Jack, claiming his soul. After having played many tricks to the devil, Jack was condemned to wander aimlessly and reappear each year on Halloween night to scare children.

City of Dublin is particularly lively in this time of year. For example, you can visit the capital aboard the Ghost Bus Tour, with a talented storyteller. He will make you discover the Irish legends, including the true story of Dracula (Dracula’s author Bram Stoker is born in Dublin).
On October 31th, don’t miss the Samhain parade (literally “end of summer”), beginning at 7:00pm at Pharnell Square, a highly colourful spectacle with monsters, creatures, ghosts and dancers. At the end of the parade, a unique show with fireworks awaits you.

On the night of October 31th, many nightclubs are transformed to offer you the most frightening costume parties. You definitely have to go to the Lillie’s Bordello Halloween night party at the Helfire Club, a mythical and haunted place which has been subject to a number of ghostly sighttings…


3. Transylvania, Romania

What place is most significant to enjoy Halloween than the region of the famous vampire of all time? At this time, Transylvania turns into a real horror theatre, with numerous events.
By the end of October, participate at the Count Dracula Circuit to walk on the character’s tracks and discover the sets of Bram Stoker’s novel. The fictional character of Dracula is mostly inspired by the Prince Vlad III Basarab, known at the time as “Vlad the Impaler” or “Dracula” (son on the devil in Romanian).

On October 31th, the two biggest events are the Halloween Party in Sighisoara, the hometown of the prince, where there is a celebration in the heart of the mediaeval city, and the well-known masked ball of the Death Festival at the Bran castle, in which Dracula had stayed more than once. Make your choice and come dressed up!


4. Prague, Czech Republic

The Trans-Atlantic community is relatively substantial in Prague, where Halloween has a particular importance. You can buy and personalize your pumpkin at the Botanical garden of Prague 7 or at the Bykos farm. On October 29th, there will be the Halloween walk, the biggest costumed walk in the heart of Prague.

On October 31th, from 7:00pm, participate at the Zombie Night Run, a 5km run through the region of Žižkov and the Vitkov hill. Special bonus, the courageous runners’ nerves will be put to the test with lighting effects, enchanting music and… zombies’ attacks!

By the evening, many nightclubs turns into haunted houses. Don’t miss the well-known Sexy Halloween Party at the Karlin Forum, with like every year, the election of the most frightening costume!


5. Edinburgh, Scotland

As for Dublin, Scotland is one of the Celtic countries where the celebration of Halloween is the most important in the world. Also, make the most of this time to visit and discover the singular atmosphere of the country, especially the city of Edinburg, which the animations are not lacking to make you shiver.

Visit the Scottish haunted manors, which the inhabitant has disappeared for centuries. Don’t miss the Halloween Pumpkin Festival where you will be able to customize your own pumpkin, get your face painted, participate at the costumes election and at various animations.

For the more adventurous, you can also try to visit the Mary King’s Close neighbourhood in the heart of Edinburg. In 1600, the Plague overwhelmed the quarter’s lanes, which prompted the authorities to cloistered the inhabitants, preventing them to go outside. Today, became subterranean, these lanes are available to you thanks to a costumed guide, who will recount to you all the stories of the ghosts haunting theses places.