10 best tourist attractions in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is a famous port city on the southwest coast of Sweden that is the main port of navigation in Sweden and Western Europe. In the 18th century, Gothenburg has become a European business and trade center. It is known as the “Little London”. In the 19th century, Gothenburg developed rapidly and became the largest port in Scandinavia and the European shipbuilding center. Gothenburg is a beautiful garden city. The city is full of flowers and trees and the trees make a pleasant shade in spring and summer. The yellow and red leaves are intertwined in the autumn that is extremely gorgeous.

1. Gothenburg Museum of Art

The Gothenburg Museum of Art is noted as the Swedish three-star attraction by the Nordic Michelin Green Guide. It is located at the end of the Central Avenue in the heart of the city and was built in 1923 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the establishment of Gothenburg. The museum has the world’s best Nordic art exhibition of the late 19th century, and it also houses a collection of modern art works including works by internationally renowned artists such as Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Rubens, and Rodin. At the entrance of the museum is the statue of the famous Poseidon. This statue was built in 1931 and is a symbol of the rights at the Gothenburg Ocean Age. Although the male sea god is not handsome, the body is very strong. His right hand clasps a large fish that he just caught and the left hand holds a large shell. The springs are flowing out from the big fish’s mouth and shells as if constantly reminding people that Gothenburg is a sea city.

2. Liseberg

The Liseberg Theme Park is the largest amusement park in Northern Europe with more than 40 rides. The garden is full of flowers, and the cute mascot rabbits are everywhere. The dazzling speeds, carousels and concerts are the essential part of the summer Scandinavian rides. The most famous of these are the two largest roller coasters: Balder and Helix. Balder has a top speed of 90 kilometers and was voted “the world’s best wooden roller coaster”. In mid-November, the park opens its largest Christmas market. Whether you are 3 years old or 83 years old, everyone who is here can participate in a variety of activities and enjoy it.

3. Skansen Kronan

Skansen Kronan was used to be a defensive castle and built between 1687 and 1689 with 4 to 5 meters of walls and 6 forts. It is mainly used for weddings and private parties as well as for sightseeing now. The castle is situated on a hill and there is a striking crown at the top of the castle. Skansen Kronan is located on the south side of the old street of Haga, and it takes some effort to climb up the stairs. Skansen Kronan is the highest point where we can overlook the city and its city.

4. Statue of Poseidon

The southern end of the boulevard is the Gotha Square that is the cultural center of Gothenburg. There is a fountain in the center of the square where a huge sculpture of the Greek god Poseidon made by the Swedish sculptor Millus stands. There are six small sculptures and different aquatic sculptures in the fountain.

Poseidon, the god of Greek mythology, is the younger brother of Zeus. Its weapon is a trident and his mount is a huge whale. He had competed with Athena for Athens and eventually Athena won. Poseidon has always been a very important god in ancient Greek religion though he lost in the contention.

5. Gothenburg Municipal Museum

The Gothenburg Municipal Museum was established on July 1, 1993. There are several museums including the Gothenburg Archaeological Museum, the History Museum, the Industrial Museum, the Historical Collection and the Drama Museum. These museums mainly show the historical process of the construction of Gothenburg through the pictures, objects, scenery and other means to understand the historical changes of the city of Gothenburg and the citizens. One of the most attractive is a primitive pirate ship, which is said to be the only remaining original pirate ship in Sweden.

6. Garden Society of Gothenburg

The Gothenburg Garden Association Park is the best preserved 19th century park in Europe and it’s on the right side of the center of Gothenburg. The Garden Association Park is a very popular meeting place especially in summer. The concerts and performances are often held in the park. There is a super-large palm greenhouse built in 1878 that mimics the Crystal Palace in London. And it houses tropical and Mediterranean trees and plants. At the same time, there are as many as 4,000 different roses and other traditional and modern flowers in the rose garden.

7. Haga

Haga is the oldest city subdivision in Gothenburg with the cobblestone sidewalk and the old brick house, which is full of simplicity. What is more attractive is the small shops that are row upon row with their own characteristics and unique style. This charming old town has the best coffees shops. In addition to the shops of different styles, it is also a good place to feel the Swedish “tea break culture”. Dessert shops and coffee shops always appear in time. The rich aroma of coffee beans and the sweet smell of freshly baked cinnamon bread are in the air, which makes us impossible to refuse them. The most distinctive “Haga-style bread” is the dish-sized cinnamon bread in the Husaren coffee shop.

8. Maritime Adventure Center

Coming to the Gothenburg Ocean Center is like entering a world of ships, sea and steel. 20 ships stopped close to Packhuskajen since the end of the 19th century until now. You can visit the Småland destroyer, the Fladen lighthouse ship or the Nordkaparen Submarine. You can experience the cooking on the Hugin patrol boat and relive the golden years of the Sölve gunboat. The Gothenburg Maritime Center is such a large and complete fleet that it’s definitely a must-see for military fans.

9. Gothenburg Cathedral

This cathedral with more than 60 meters high clock tower is the main church in Gothenburg that stands on a hill called masthugget. You can see the panoramic view of the city when you climb up. The church was built in 1815, and in fact, what people see now is the result of its second reconstruction. After two major fires and two reconstructions, most of the facilities and decorations in the church are modernized. Fortunately, this bell tower and the carvings on the walls behind the altar of the 18th-century were preserved. The interior of the church is decorated with gold and there are two angels with golden wings under the table. There is an inconspicuous little stone in the yard, and almost no one notices it. What is engraved above is “The longest journey is the journey inwards”.

10. Universeum

Don’t think of “scientific technology” though it’s called natural scientific museum. The Natural Science Museum in Gothenburg offers many wonderful experiences such as watching shark crickets, exploring the tropical rain forest, conducting experiments and studying the universe. All activities can be completed at the same center. You can stroke various rays, experience the feeling of riding a motorcycle and test your reaction. As the center of exploration for the cosmic sciences in Sweden, Universeum offers an adventure that is full of dazzling scientific facts and amazing experiences.

In Goteborg, you can visit the museum with a strong cultural atmosphere. You can also stroll through the fascinating streetscape and occasionally use  camera to record the city. When you are tired, remember to stop and taste the local coffee and snacks. And remember to rent our pocket Wi-Fi before leaving for travel. Hippocketwifi keeps you connected in Europe.