Top 10 activities to do in Nice and around Nice

Are you willing to go to Nice one day? It’s promised that it’s a beautiful city and the cities around it are also impressionist. So what can we do in or around this excellent city ? You can enjoy the sunshine in the beach; you can swim in the sea; you can walk in the red carpet like the stars etc. Here is the list of Top 10 most popular activities.

1. English Promenade

This is a typical sunny walkway in the Mediterranean city, exuding a charming and elegant aristocratic atmosphere. On one side is the vast expanse of the sea, and on the other side is a luxury hotel hidden behind lush palms. During the day, the sun reflected on the surface of the sea is sparkling and very eye-catching. When the night falls, the colorful light is dyed in the whole bay and is dreamlike. Take a leisurely walk on this avenue and unconsciously take a deep breath and then you can feel completely relaxed. On this promenade, there are often some wonderful performances and cultural events.

2. Côté d’Azur

The name is very straightforward to interpret the coast. You can have a cup of coffee and chat with your friends. You can lie down and feel the sunshine and the sea wind, and you can swim in the sea and feel the freedom. Staying here for a day, you will feel that time is stretched but it is also going very fast. Please note that the beaches of Nice are made up of pebbles. It’s not a sandy beach, so maybe it’s a little painful but feel very comfortable.

3. Matisse Art Museum

If you love art, don’t miss the Matisse Art Museum. The Matisse Art Museum is located in the olive groves of Cimiez park. The museum rotates to show the personal work of Matisse. Matisse is a representative of the Fauvism and he lived in Nice until his death. The art museum displays works of Matisse of various periods, and also shows his paintings and life history.

4. Chagall Art Gallery

If you like art, this is also an art museum that cannot be missed. What is special is that Chagall also participated in the design of the pavilion. The museum is also known as the “National Chagall Bible Information Museum” because it collects a series of 17 Bible-themed paintings of Chagall. In essence, the creation and collection of this museum are based on religious subjects. Chagall’s style and color are unique, especially his whimsy, which makes people stop at the front of his works and try to figure out what he was thinking. If you like Chagall, it’s really recommended!

5. Nice Castle

Castle Hill was the place where the Greek Fukais chose to build a business place thousands of years before, and therefore the city of Nice was built. It is a great place to overlook the Angel Bay. There is a free elevator and you can also climb the mountain by yourself if you wish. It’s not very high, so it’s a good choice to look around the scenery along the way when walking. In the morning the Angel Bay in the photo is more beautiful with the better lights, and the backlight is darker in the afternoon.

6. Saleya Square

Saleya Square is the commercial center of Nice for hundreds of years and a distribution center for various commodities. There is the antiques market every Monday, and there are the flower market, the fruit market, the seafood market from Tuesday to Sunday. The flower market and the vegetable market have many products from local or around Nice, such as cheese, various plant essential oils, soaps, olive oil, perfumes, spices, wines, traditional sweets, etc. There are many artists selling their own works at the market such as carving, painting, etc. It’s ensured that it’s a unique souvenir. This is the best and most direct way to experience local life and culture.

7. Cannes

You can reach Cannes from Nice in one and a half hours by bus. It’s also a great place to feel the beauty of the sea. The beaches in Cannes are sandy and it will be more comfortable to step on. You can also walk and take a photo on the red carpet in front of the movie palace and pretend to be a ‘superstar’. It’s also interesting to find the palm and signature of your favorite film director along the Avenue of Stars. During the festival, maybe you can meet some stars. There is a huge Ferris wheel not far from the movie palace. If you are interested, you can also take the Ferris wheel and overlook the panoramic view of Cannes.

8. Èze town

You can reach the Èze town by bus from Nice for 1 hour, but be sure to pay attention to the bus schedule. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way in the bus. As soon as you arrive in Èze, the church will be in sight. Èze isn’t big, and you can visit the complete town in about half an hour. We strongly suggest you pick some lanes and walk around and you will feel something different. Èze’s most famous garden is the exotic garden on the top of the mountain. There are various varieties of cactus, and you can overlook  the azure Mediterranean on the top of the mountain.

9. Monaco

After going to the Èze town, you can take the bus to continue to Monaco, or take the train among the cities directly to reach Monaco, which is one of the smallest countries in the world and a place gathering rich people. Monaco is known for its casinos, luxury goods, and luxury sports cars. The Monte Carlo Casino is very luxurious in appearance. It is a luxury car show in front of the hotel. For information, if you are under 18, you cannot enter in the casino. Interestingly, Monaco law prohibits the Monaco king from gambling.

10. Monaco Ocean Museum

The Monaco Ocean Museum is located on the side of the fabulous Monaco Rock, a five-floor created by Albert I. The museum is located on the sea and has been guarding this water for more than a century. In addition, this museum is the world’s first marine museum.It displays the fishing boat model from ancient times to the present, as well as the skeleton specimens of various sea animals, as well as various fishing tools, various ornamental fish etc., which blend scientific and artistic. It enjoys an international reputation.

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