Top 10 activities in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a city full of culture and with the unique Alsatian style. You have plenty of cathedrals and museums to visit. Here is the list we have prepared for you. What is the most impressionist thing in Strasbourg? Please share your photos or feelings with your family and friends with our pocket Wi-Fi.

1. Little France

Little France is the most beautiful and popular area in Strasbourg. Due to its waterfront characteristics, most of the people who used to live and work in this area were tanners, fishermen and millers. Now, we can still see many well-preserved half-timbered houses, and we can walk along the small cobblestone streets along the river. Currently only pedestrians and cyclists can enter into this area, so the entire area is still very quiet.

2. Notre Dame Cathedral

There is no doubt that the Notre Dame Cathedral is a tourist attraction you must not miss in Strasbourg. You will be impressed by its magnificent appearance and fine carvings. You can see this church on all postcards, and you couldn’t be more surprised by it. It is the symbol of the city and the oldest Gothic cathedral in the world.

It has three big points:

– The highest spire in the world

– Large rose on the main face above the entrance

– The city’s most famous attraction, the Astronomical Clock. His robot game will be triggered at 12:30 every day, and apostles of different ages will march in front of Christ.

Another experience not to be missed is that you take 332 steps by the spiral staircase to climb the platform overlooking the city. If the weather is good, you will also see the sights of Germany.

3. Rohan Palace

The Rohan Palace is another historical monument in Strasbourg and is one of the main attractions. Originally, the prince once welcomed the four princes of the Rohan family. The name of the Rohan Palace is therefore named. It now has three museums:

– Archaeological Museum, it tells the complete history of Alsace from prehistoric times

– The Museum of Fine Arts has a rich collection of paintings from Botticelli to Goyat and Rubens

– Art Deco Museum with its collection of furniture and ceramics

Even though you are not interested in the museum, I still suggest you go to the Rohan Palace and take a look at its extraordinary architectural appearance.

4. Grand Island

Strasbourg is a city that traverses the River Ill. Therefore, it is made up of several islands, but the most famous is the grand island that has been included in the World Heritage since 1988. It is the historical center of the city, where you can admire the famous monuments of Strasbourg, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, 4 medieval churches and several 18th-century hotels and palaces. The Grand Island is the best place to experience the history and culture of the city.

5. Vauban Barrage

The Vauban Barrage was originally built to protect Strasbourg and was a defensive construction project of the 17th century. The Vauban Barrage is located on the River Ill in the Little France, built at the end of the 17th century and named after the designer.

The Vauban Barrage is beautifully shaped and engraved with sculptures. There are three floors. The bottom layer with the arched design allows water flow through, the upper two floors have arched windows facing the perimeter, and the top has a viewing platform. The natural surroundings of the river dam is beautiful. You can choose to take a look at the top of the viewing platform and look at the distant scenery. You can also choose to take a boat to see the excavation of the river. Especially at night, the entire Vauban river dam was illuminated.

6. Kleber Square

There is another famous and important square on the Grand Island in Strasbourg called Kleber Square. This is the meeting place for the people of Strasbourg for cultural or sporting events,  and also where you can enjoy the huge Christmas tree during Christmas. Around the square is a pink sandstone building built in 1770 which is called ‘Little Dawn’, as the soldiers come here every day at dawn to accept orders. This place is only pedestrians, so it is very quiet and pleasant with flower beds and fountains.

7. Multiple medieval cathedral

If a simple visit of the Notre Dame Cathedral couldn’t satisfy your exploration of Gothic architecture, you can also visit other medieval cathedral for a few more hours.

  • Thomas Cathedral, which has a funerary of Baroque art
  • Saint-Pierre-le-vieux Cathedral, the first major Christian building in Strasbourg
  • Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Cathedral with frescoes from the 14th century
  • Etienne Cathedral, which has been listed as a historical monument
  • Paul’s Cathedral, located at the junction of the Zorn and Mullenheim piers.

8. Gutenberg Place

Gutenberg was named after the printing inventor called Gutenberg who lived in Strasbourg for 10 years, and his sculpture was also on the square. The Gutenberg Place is a short walk from the cathedral. It’s the political center from the medieval to the eighteenth century, you can see the renaissance architecture of the Chamber of Commerce. There are many restaurants on the terrace, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink and chat with your friends and family.

9. Orange Park

The Orange Park is the oldest and largest park in Strasbourg, covering more than 26 hectares. This park is popular among locals and tourists and it’s ideal for walking, jogging and skateboarding. It is also a place for children with a carousel, a playground and a mini zoo with free access.

You can raft on the lake in the Orange Park. Of course, you can buy an ice cream and taste waffles or other snacks. You can also see the iconic animals of Alsace here – stork, whose nests are always hidden in the trees.

10. Rhin Palace

The Rhin Palace on the north side of the Republic Square belongs to the Neo-Renaissance style, originally built for the kings of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia. The high vault symbolises the king’s kingship, but now it has the French flag. There are four old ginkgo trees on the square. The size of the canopy is so grand that the trunks that support them are relatively small.

If you are close to Germany; if you like the Alsatian style; if you like nature; if you like visiting cathedral, Strasbourg is definitely recommended. Don’t forget to order the pocket Wi-Fi to make sure stay connected during the trip.