Top 10 most popular places in main cities of Austria except Vienna

Austria as the music capital is shaped like a violin in the map. It’s also known as the heart of Europe and the crossroads connecting the East and West because it’s located in the middle of Europe. “The land of mountains, the country on the banks of rivers” – sung in the Austrian national anthem. There isn’t just Vienna in Austria, but also Salzburg known as “back garden of the Alps”, as well as Hallstatt that is famous for its lakes and mountains and Innsbruck that is famous for its Swarovski crystals. Let’s take a look at top 10 in these cities.

1. Salzburg Castle

Salzburg Castle is arguably the iconic building in the city of Salzburg. It’s located in the hills of the old town and has a long history. It was built in 1077 and has been gradually expanded by successive archbishops. It is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. The beautiful Salz River divides Salzburg into two parts: the new city and the old city. There are  towering churches and monasteries with their unique features and history, the tree-lined gardens and the various fountains, which make Salzburg beautifully dressed. There are also intriguing houses filled with medieval features, the birthplace of Mozart, the Mozart Conservatory, Mozart Square, the Mozart commemorative bronze statue and so on. In Salzburg Castle, you can not only visit the museum for learning about ancient weapons, musical instruments and folk customs, but also enjoy a drink in the coffee shop at the corner of the castle and enjoy the scenery under the mountains.

2. Hallstatt Lake

Hallstatt Lake is the most famous one among the 14 lakes in the Salzkammergut region. In the early morning, the lake is covered with the mist from time to time, and occasionally a tiny boat appears. The waves provoke countless ripples on the calm lake. The lakeshore in the evening is more charming, the red and yellow leaves are spread out everywhere over the hill and dale. The ducks and swans are floating for food. There is also a coffee house with a garden on the shore of the lake. All forms a beautiful landscape here. Hallstatt is a strip-shaped lake formed by the action of glaciers. The lake is as smooth as a mirror reflecting the church and the town.

3. Postcard perspective viewing platform

Gosaumühlstraße 67 is located on the north side of the small town Hallstatt. It’s an uphill road. We call it postcard perspective viewing platform because many of the postcards sold in Hallstatt are the sceneries of the town taken from this perspective. Hallstatt is like the hand-painted book of our childhood that depicts the romantic dreams. It is surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains. In the morning, we see the light smoke on the lake from the windows and breathe the clear and pure natural atmosphere. We can play with the white swan that swim on the lake when we stand at the side of the sparkling lake in the afternoon; we can stroll along the lakeside in the evening embracing the picturesque life formed by colorful cabins and the golden glow of the evening.

4. Salzburg Cathedral

Located in the heart of the old town, the Salzburg Church is an Italian-style church. Initially founded in 774, it has undergone repeated expansions, renovations, destruction by fires and reconstruction. The current  archaeological style was formed in Paris-Lodron period. It’s not difficult to find that most of the streets are relatively narrow when we walk in the old city, but the street near the Episcopal Church is very wide, which was influenced by the architectural style of the Italian church. It was the most famous church building in the northern Alps at the time that affects the architectural style of Austria and southern Germany.

5. Seegrube

The highest point of the ski resort is Hafelekarspitze, which is more than 2,300 meters above sea level. Even if you don’t ski, take a look at the panoramic view of Innsbruck and experience the feeling of being in the clouds. In addition, the Hengerberg cable car station has a unique shape that is like  clouds or like snow, and it’s a perfect combination with the snow mountain environment.

Here is the information for the transportation. First take the train to Hengerberg and pass Alpenzoo on the way. On the platform of Hungerburg, you can see the panorama of the city and the snowy mountains opposite the canyon. Continue to take the cable car to Seegruben to the altitude of 1900 meters where s basically already above the clouds. If you don’t ski, it is enough to reach Seebruge. The last stop of the cable car is the peak Hafelekarspitze at an altitude of over 2,300 meters.

6. Mirabell Garden

The Mirabell Garden is one of the locations for <the sound of music>. It’s not huge and the scenery is mainly set off by the shape and color of flowers and plants. On the north side of the garden is a lawn and a small hill, which is a great place to relax. The garden is partially dominated by a small rose garden on the east side and a small stone stage near the avenue on the west side. A dwarf garden is seen through the small bridge. In fact, it is a circle of trees on the ground, and a circle of different shapes and lifelike dwarfs.

7. Wasserspiele

The Wasserspiele (Water Park) is located in the Heilbrunn Palace and is also known as the Water Authority. It was built in the 17th century. Its meticulous design and various hidden fountains bring unexpected surprises to the tourists because the water organs are triggered. What’s interesting is that it’s unpredictable whether we trigger the fountain. The Heilbrunn Palace is one of the most splendid works of the Northern Alpine grooming style and it’s the only water palace in Europe.

8. Hallstatt Old Town

The Old Town of Hallstatt is known as “the most beautiful town in the world”. We are like in the picture with plenty of fairy-tale houses and the beautiful Lake Hallstatt in the town. There are two main churches in the Old Town that are often found on postcards and there is a Catholic church on the hillside. There is also a central square with a fountain       and the landmark of apple-tree wall. Hallstatt is also known as the “wood town”. Not only the house is wooden and the road sign is made by wood, but also there are wood crafts at the doorstep.

9. Helblinghaus

Located in the old town of Innsbruck, it is known for its gorgeous Baroque facade. The original Gothic house was built in the 15th century. In 1725, it was bought by Treasurer John Fischer and decorated with numerous gypsum flowers on its facade including flowers, shells and fruits. The house is named after its owner of the year from 1800 to 1827 who is called Sebastian Heilbu.

10. Hallstatt Christ Church

Hallstatt is a charming town in Austria, and the Christ Church is the finishing touch in this landscape. The church is located in the heights of the town center. It is a landmark building in the town. The church is with the Gothic style. The spire of the main tower points directly to the sky, as if it can directly feel God’s comfort. Outside the church is a public cemetery decorated with green grass and blooming flowers. Due to the lack of ​​the local cemetery area, the bones buried after a certain period of time will be dug out and collected in the church.

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