Top 10 most popular tourist attractions in Santorini

Santorini consists of three small islands, two of which are inhabited, and one of the islands is a sleeping volcanic island. There have been many volcanic eruptions in history. The most severe was in 1500 BC, and the center of the island collapsed in large areas. The original circular island presented the current crescent shape. There is the Aegean wind, blue and white houses, the most beautiful sunset. Santorini is indeed the synonymous with romance. Here is the list of Top 10 most popular tourist attractions in Santorini.

1. OIA

The town of OIA is built on the cliffs by the sea and is the second largest town in Santorini. OIA is known as the place where we can see the most beautiful sunset in the world, which is on the north side of Santorini. When the sun sets, the tourists here will always come and look for a perfect place to watch the sunset. Sitting quietly for an hour and watching the sun slowly fall are indeed the most  impressive things of the life. People can’t help clapping and applauding this beautiful sunset when the sun disappears on the horizon. Many artists and photographers are inspired by the scenery here. White houses, blue-roofed churches and traditional windmills are always intoxicating in the setting sun; you can also see red Bougainville and orange wind chimes, sometimes church domes show up in your eyes.

2. Agios Theodori Church

The Agios Theodori Church has almost become the endorsement of Santorini, and appeared as a cover in the National Geographic magazine. Not only the exterior is beautiful, but also the interior of the cathedral is unusually pretty with the exquisite murals and the large chandeliers that are snorkeling from the roof. Words cannot be expressed the extraordinary. The church is between FIRA and Firostefan. You can walk along the cliff trail while you can’t see the blue top on the trail. You can only see a slightly yellowish, church-like building with wind chimes.

3. Fira

Like other towns in Santorini, Fira Town is a small town with the white houses on the edge of a cliff and it’s on a volcanic edge 400 meters high on the western edge of the semi-circular island of Thira. Here you will find banks, shops and many hotels and restaurants. There are also taxis and buses in the town. It’s the capital and the most lively town of Santorini. You can see the most beautiful sea view of the island. It’s the best place to watch the volcano. What’s more, it’s the shooting location of many film and television such as “Tomb Raider 2”.

4. Firostefani

It was once an independent small village, but now it is already a leisurely resort in the town of Aura. You just need walk 10 minutes along the crater from Fira to Firostefani and you will see the most popular tourist attraction of Santorini. There’s a white street along the cliff, along which you can see a large community of traditional round-roofed houses. It’s pretty interesting that although it’s close to the crater, Firostefani still maintains a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

5. Santorini Cliff Trail

The red, white and black volcanic rocks are exposed on the azure sea. The hard-working Greeks cut roads on the cliffs and built their homes to create beautiful islands. It takes more than one hour to walk in the trail, then you can see the cliff house along the way and the view you see varies from step to step. The unique and beautiful exquisite makes people enjoy themselves so much that they forget to go home. Every year from April to October, visitors from all over the world come here together to enjoy the Aegean sunshine and wonderful holidays.

6. Sunset in Oia

The Oia Town is located in the Greek crown of Santorini, which is the most dazzling pearl on the island. Oia is the place that has the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Oia has the most beautiful churches and the most charming white cottages. Every time when the sun sets, the tourists will always come together. It’s just like a magical magnet that attracts every visitor on the island to the same place. Santorini is surrounded by the blue Aegean Sea. The town’s white-based buildings are built on black volcanic cliffs. It looks like a snow-capped peak from a distance that is beautiful and spectacular.

7. Kamari Black Beach

The black sands of Santorini are actually formed by magma stones during the eruption of the volcano. Kamari Beach is the best place to swim with the clean and clear sea. It’s said that swimming in the sea has a cosmetic effect. But the beach is full of stones, it’s not comfortable and easy to walk in the beach. However it doesn’t affect the interest of tourists. Against the backdrop of black sand, the sea here looks extraordinarily blue that looks endless. The beach is famous for its night. It’s bustling with the bars and restaurants in the evening. There are live bands playing in most bars. There are also dance floors and huge screens to watch the match.

8. Perissa Beach

Perissa Beach can be defined as a true beach because the black sandy beaches of Kamari are small gravel. It’s the longest beach in Santorini and it’s on the south side of the island. The color of the beach is also black due to the volcano. Perissa Beach is perfect for lovers to enjoy peace and romance. The sand here is more delicate and soft. Perissa also has a very large open-air camp, which is not only popular with backpackers, but also with the lovers for the romantic nights. There are plenty of resorts, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and bars all around the beach, as well as many water recreation facilities such as sailing boats and speedboats.

9. Kokkini Beach

The Kokkini Beach is a mythical place. This beach is located in the southern part of the island and is named after the fine sand and the cliffs of the sea with a flaming color. On the red sand beach, there are often hot girls and handsome guys with bronze skin on the windsurfing. It is very recommended to go to the beach at dusk. The sunset accompanied by the red sand beach is particularly beautiful, which is suitable for taking beautiful photos or for hiking.

10. Pyrgos

The town of Pyrgos is built on the highest point of Santorini where we can  overlook the magnificent panorama of Santorini. The island is empty with green grass, small houses scattered everywhere. On one side is the blue Aegean Sea and on the another side is the towering peaks. How spectacular and beautiful it is with the mountains and sea. The town is relatively low in commercialization, so it’s more primitive with fewer tourists and more peace and tranquility. It had been the capital of Santorini until the early 19th century, and there are many beautiful Byzantine buildings and many magnificent churches in the town. In addition, Pyrgos is also an important shopping destination in Santorini where the crafts and local products market is well worth a visit.

How do you like the romance in Santorini? Go there and experience it. You can discover by yourself with our pocket Wifi. Don’t hesitate to share with us or your friends about your real feelings.