Top 10 tourist attractions in Marseille

Marseille is a vibrant and modern city. If you love the sea or the sea food, you must come to Marseille for enjoying the beautiful  view. You can take the shuttle bus over the sea to feel the wind and the wave that touch your skin smoothly. Also, Marseille is a historic city that has rich cultural heritage. Don’t hesitate to read our list to better experience this city.

1. Old Port

At present, Old Port is one of Marseille’s landmarks. It’s a natural meeting point for residents and tourists of Marseille. Here, we can really feel the atmosphere of Marseille in the hustle and bustle of the fish market and the city center. When there is a match, the bars in Marseille will play the game on broadcast and the fans celebrate the victory here.

If you want to visit Marseille, many tickets of tourist attractions are available at the ticket office at Old Port and Old Port is the depart of many short trips: if you want to visit Marseille, you can take a small train that take you through the city to explore tourist attractions and the history of the  city. You can also rent a boat to visit the islands and fjords.

2. If Island

Located at the middle of Marseille Bay, If Island is about one nautical mile from the Old Port and has long been an anchor for pirates, smugglers or fishermen. It’s the first royal fortress in Marseille. Francis I ordered the construction of a fort on an island in the Friuli Islands to protect the entrance to the port in 1516. It has been converted into a state prison since 1580. When it comes to prisoners, we must think of the Chevalier Anselme of the sixteenth century or the Earl of Mirabeau of the eighteenth century. We must realize that what makes the island truly famous all over the world is the film with the fictional character of Alexander Dumars, Count of Monte Cristo. If Island is listed as a historical monument and was listed as one of the most popular spots in Marseille in 1926.

3. Calanque Fjord

In 2012, the Marseille Calanque Fjord crowned the name of the enviable «National Park», adding a unique dimension to the changing landscape of southern France. The towering cliffs, the steep ridges, and the narrow beaches are among the unique landscapes of the world.

Calanque is a unique landscape in the Provence region, referring to the narrow and deep valleys eroded by the river, and the latter part of the valley is submerged by the sea. The Marseille Calanque Fjord is located between Marseille and Cassis. Spectacular limestone cliffs stack snowy peaks. Every year, countless outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world come for outdoor sports such as hiking, rock climbing, diving, kayaking and so on. Please come here to experience the beauty and passion of the Mediterranean.

4. Basilique Notre – Dame de la Garde

The Colline de Garde is 154 meters high and is the commanding height of Marseille. The magnificent Virgin Mary, who embraces the Holy Baby, has been guarding the people of Marseille and the city since 1917.

The statue is built on a limestone hilltop at 149 meters above sea level, spanning two blocks of Roucas Blanc and Vauban. It is the image of the “good mother” created by the Protestant architect Henri Espérandieu with this magnificent place of interest and monument, shaped by the Roman-Byzantine style. The cathedral consists of two parts: a bas-relief room filled with Roman style and excavated directly from the rock, and a towering church decorated with mosaics. At the top of the church stands solemnly the Virgin Mary with the baby. This magnificent and monumental monument is 11.2 meters high. It was designed and designed by Eugène Lequesne and built by the craftsmen of the Atelier de Christofle. All are made of brass and covered with brass. There are gold leaf decorations.

If you want to get a close look at this “great mother”, you can go up the steep path with pine trees on both sides, or take the cable car to the church steps. From there, you can see the amazing scenery. Since 2013, this refurbished Notre Dame has also begun to sell beautiful and extraordinary wish objects and religious items to the public.

5. Museum of Europe and Mediterranean Civilizations

This is the first museum about the 21st century Mediterranean civilization. The museum is symbol of the culture of Marseille and Europe. It’s opened on June 7, 2013 and is now one of the most popular museums in Marseille with nearly 2 million visitors per year. Between the Fort Saint Jean and the Cathédral de la Major, you can admire the city’s stunning waterfront views. A 115-meter pedestrian bridge connects J4 with Fort Saint Jean, and the second 70-meter pedestrian bridge intersects the basket area of ​​the church Saint Laurent.

6. Calanque National Park

Built in 2012, Calanque National Park is the tenth national park in France and the first suburban European park for land and sea. This natural monument is located in the heart of the Aix-Marseille Provence metropolis, including the coastal bay and vast oceanic area, along with the Cassidaigne gorge (one of the world’s most abundant underwater canyons in the Mediterranean). The park has several islands, including biodiversity reserves, which are carriers of precious heritage.

7. Longchamp Palace

Located in the four districts of Marseille, the Longchamp Palace is located in the extension of the famous Canebière and consists of three entities: the water tower in the center, celebrating the arrival of the water: the Museum of Natural History and Fine Arts. Built in 1869, Longchamp Palace was the arrival point of the Durance waters. It was completed in 1869 and is considered a good place for locals and tourists to relax and take a walk. It was originally built to solve the water transport problem in Marseille. Behind the palace is Longchamp Park where many historical monuments are protected.

8. Frioul Island

Since the beginning of construction of the dams in the early 19th century, Frioul Island has become the “ocean” area of ​​Marseille. A really strange estate project started in the 1970s, but it was never completed. We can still swim in the almost deserted cove.

9. Major Cathedral

One of the city’s most iconic monuments, Major Cathedral was built during periods of strong economic, social and demographic growth. As you can see from the sea, the Marseilles called it “the major.” At the foot of it is a stylish bar and restaurant, which is the fashion gathering place in Marseille. The cathedral was born in the 19th century and was built in 1852. It took only one year to complete. It is located in a place where there are many religious buildings.
10. Saint Jean Fort

Saint Jean Fort is a fortress in Marseille built in 1660 by Louis XIV and is located at the entrance of the Old Port. The St. Nicholas Fort was also built on the opposite side of the Old Port. During the French Revolution, St. Jean Fort was used as a prison to detain Louis Philip II of Duke of Orleans and his two sons, Louis Charles and Anthony Phillips. Nowadays, St. Jean Fort and the Mucem Mediterranean Culture Museum are adjacent, and the two are subtly integrated.