Top 10 tourist attractions in Switzerland

Switzerland is a multilingual and international country. What’s the character of Switzerland except the richness? Is it equally rich in natural scenery and natural ressources?  The answer is YES! Please follow us to discover the rich country.

1. Jungfrau

The Jungfrau is a famous mountain in Switzerland. It is located 18 km southeast of the Interlaken tourist site. It separates the state of Bern and the Valais and is part of the Bonn Alps. The Jungfrau is known as the ‘Queen of the Alps’ and is one of the highest peaks of the Alps. As one of the classic attractions of the Swiss tourism industry, Jungfrau attract  always tourists from all directions with snow and mountains, sunshine and clouds. Although the Jungfrau is not the highest peak in Europe, the Jungfrau has the highest railway station in Europe – the Jungfrau Railway Station, and the spectacular observations of the Alps can be seen through the observation deck on the mountain. You can also go to the super ice palace built under the glaciers to experience the world of inside glaciers. In addition, this area has been listed as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 2001. You can take the gear train which runs between the cave tunnel and the glacier. What’s more, it’s better that you go up the mountain on morning, there are ice sculptures, skiing and other entertainment facilities.

2. Chillon Castle

The Chillon Castle was built on a huge rock on the shores of Lake Geneva. This beautiful castle likely floating on the water is the old building that has the most tourists in Switzerland. The rocky islands of the Chillon Castle are built to avoid facing the sparkling Lake Geneva and leaning against the steep and towering mountains. This romantic castle reflected in Lake Geneva has attracted many poets and painters such as Rousseau, Dumas, Hugo, etc. The most famous work is especially the “Prisoner of Chillon” written by Byron.

3. Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus, at an altitude of over 2,100 meters, is one of Lucerne’s iconic sights, and you can take a boat from the pier in the center of Lucerne to the foot of the mountain to change to the world’s steepest train. You can see the beauty of the road along the way. Sometimes you will see cows eating grass leisurely by the train and listen to the sound of cow bells. The scenery that you will see on the mountain must have been taken from the soul, and it’s so shocking that it’s beauty could not be expressed in words or photos. If you have the opportunity, please climb the mountain to enjoy this great view!

4. Chapel Bridge

The Chapel Bridge is a timber-framed bridge in Lucerne that is 204 meters long. It spans the banks of the Reuss River and is close to the exit of Lake Lucerne. This bridge is the oldest surviving wooden bridge in Europe and is the landmark of Lucerne. Because there is a St. Peter’s Church on the north bank of the bridge, it is also called the church bridge. The paintings on each of the corridor beams are unique and you will never get tired to see them. At sunset, the Capel Bridge which is covered by the colorful lights is beautiful.

5. Rhine falls

The Rhine River originated in Graubünden is the first long river in Europe. It forms a magnificent Rhine Falls with a unique terrain, and flows northward through Germany, France and Netherlands to the North Sea. Visitors who come here can enjoy not only the natural scenery of the waterfall, but also the two castles on the edge of the waterfall, the Schloss Laufen Castle and Schlössli Wörth Castle. If you have time, you can smell the flowers, listen to the birds, step on the leaves when you are on the road leading to the waterfall. You will find that the time can be solidified for a short time in this way.

6. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is with the most diverse views. On a sunny summer day, the cruise sails on the sparkling Lake Lucerne, and visitors on the deck taste desserts, which is a wonderful experience. Or in the winter, you can see the snowy scenery outside a warm and comfortable salon motor boat, which is equally comfortable experience.

7. Eiger

Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (symbolize monster, monk and virgin respectively) are the world’s most famous mountains. These three peaks are the most beautiful spots in the Jungfrau region that attract thousands of tourists and mountaineers coming here. The mountain train that crosses the Jungfrau is also impressive. The northern slope of the Eiger is very steep and it’s up to 1600 meters. Many of the world’s top rock climbers come here to experience the excitement and joy of rock climbing.

8. Glacier Express

The glacial train is very long. There is a large area of ​​glass windows from the roof to the body. It travels at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour and it’s known as the world’s slowest train. You can order something to eat or enjoy tasting wine. And you can also walk slowly through the train. From Zermatt to St. Moritz, the journey takes 300 kilometers and takes 8 hours and 11 minutes. You can experience the Glacier World of Valais, the valleys of Landwart and Highlands with 291 bridges, 91 tunnels and legendary viaducts. The exquisite albums introduced in 6 languages, including German, English, French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. In addition, 35 audio introductions are also available in 6 languages.

9. Mount Rigi

The forefront of the Alps, known as the Empress of the Foothills, is the most famous observatory in central Switzerland. Since ancient times, it has been a famous place to watch sunrises and sunsets. On the gazebo on the top of the hill You can enjoy the full view of the Alps which extends to the Germany Black Forest and the French plains. The color of Lake Lucerne is particularly awesome in the fjord and it is definitely not to be missed.

10. Schilthorn

There are hundreds of snow-capped peaks in Switzerland and is famous for its magnificent scenery. However among the many peaks, only the Schilthorn Peak 007 brings an impressive 360-degree view where you can see the stunning views of the 200 peaks. A 007 series – “Queen’s Secret” makes Schilthorn famous in the world. Nothing is better than enjoying the majestic Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau at the peak of Schilthorn! Don’t forget to experience the unique revolving restaurant that will bring you an extraordinary experience.

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